My Favorite Spot

Way back in 2014 my family and I starting fighting for something very special to us. About a mile from my childhood home, at the end of a road called New Holland, there is an access point to Lake Michigan. I use to walk or take my bike down there to visit the lake all the … Continue reading My Favorite Spot


There is Money to be Made in Environmental Restoration

This is music to my ears. A new report is out that shows the investment opportunities in environmental restoration. This is so important to me because when I sit across from a representative of a municipality or a private business, trying to explain to them the importance of stream restoration, forest protection, or land preservation, … Continue reading There is Money to be Made in Environmental Restoration

Sewer Systems: Not just for Ninja Turtles

The availability of clean water is essential to support the health and economy of every nation in the world. A major source of water pollution is the failing infrastructure we use to control and maintain the water we use. Hidden beneath cities is an underground maze of pipes and tunnels that not only carries the … Continue reading Sewer Systems: Not just for Ninja Turtles

Frack Attack

With most introductions to the newest trend in “clean energy” the public response is explosive. In the Midwest we are seeing this with hydrologic fracturing (or “fracking”), a process used to extract natural gas from deep in the ground. Pictured right is a shale map from U.S. Energy Information Administration. With nationwide reports of water … Continue reading Frack Attack

Wrapping Up on Holiday Shopping

Facing the crowds this holiday season in local shops downtown I’ve encountered a certain whispered phrase time and time again, “don’t buy that here, we can find it cheaper online”. In a time of recession it is comforting to see people flooding the streets and packing in stores during the weeks leading up to Christmas. … Continue reading Wrapping Up on Holiday Shopping

Trash to Treasure

Recycling enthusiast Nancy Judd has a unique way of spreading the word about conservation through public art and couture fashion. “Waste does not exist, only wasted resources,” said Judd. Judd was one of over 1500 artists featured at this year’s ArtPrize in downtown Grand Rapids, Mich. ArtPrize is public art contest where the winning pieces … Continue reading Trash to Treasure